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I am not a serious movie buff. I watch once in a while. I found some movies inspiring. For example, Floatingweed, the Japanese film impacted me so deeply that I created a blog with the same name on the same night.

I enjoy thriller, romantic and Latin American films. My favourite actors: John Travolta, George Cloony, Antonio Banderas, Julia Roberts, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Douglass and Brad Pitt.

My movie reviews are in my blogs



Latin American Affairs


Some of the movies I enjoyed are:


Latin American films

El Embajador de la India - Colombian film about someone who pretends to be the Indian Ambassador. Based on a true story.

Su Excellencia - one of the best Cantinflas films about diplomatic life (blog review). I have seen about ten films of the Mexican actor Mario Moreno known popularly as Cantinflas. I have become his fan.

Frida - Mexican film about Frida kahlon who was married to Diego Rivera, the famous painter.

La fiesta del chivo - (blog review) - about Trujillo dictatorship in Dominican republic, based on the novel of Mario Vargas llosa of peru

Los voces inocentes - about the civil war in El Salvador and how it destoyed even the innocence of children, caught in the crossfire. My blog review

Mi mejor enemigo - Chilean film about Argentina-Chile rivalry in both serious and and lighter veins. Blog review

Motor cyclist's diary - about Che Guvara. His diary notes on his travel through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela. It is in this journey he comes across poverty and disparity and evolves as a revolutionary eventually.

Yo soy Bolivar - colombian comedy and satire about a soap opera actor who starts thinking he is Bolivar himself.

La libertadora del libertador - means the lady who liberated the Liberator-Venezuelan film about manuela saenz, the famous lover of Simon Bolivar. She was the only one who stood upto him and she saved his life a few times.

Cidade de deus - Brazilian film about the violence in the favelas. The real life violence in the slums of Rio are more than what is depicted in this story.

Capitan Pantoja y las visitadoras - a peruvian film based on the story of Mario vargas llosa. My blog review.

Romeo e Juliet - a brazilian comedy about the rivalry between two football clubs Corinthians vs sao paulo.

Central station - Brazilian film about life in north east of Brazil. nominated for oscar.

Rojo Amanacer - (Red sunrise) a mexican film on the student uprising in 1968 which was brutally suppressed by the army and police. The film is like a documentary and is based on what happened. Blog review


Hollywood Films

Floating weeed - a Japanese film which inspired me to create a blog with the same name. my blog review

Cold mountain - poignant and tragic love at the time of American civil war. I was introduced to this by a dear friend

Lost city - about cuban revolution

Woman on top - about Brazilian food and music

Pretty woman - julia roberts

The wedding planner - by Jennifer Lopez

Take the lead - Antonio Banderas

Save the last dance

Dirty dancing

Havana nights

Saturday night fever

Dance with me - a delightful salsa film in which the singer Chayan acts as a Cuban immigrant in USA. blog review


Other films

Blue Butterfly - a touching Canadian film about dream and hope ... goes to Costa Rica for the xotic blue butterflies. My blog write-up.