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golf is my other passion. I enjoy the greenery, the fairways, trees, birds, the open air and the ambience of the golf courses and the company of golf buddies and the competition. I cherish the friendship developed over four hours of leisurely walk during each round in the golf course. I have made some very dear friends in the golf courses around the world.


Argentina, which was my last posting, is a paradise for golfers. There are about 100 courses in and around Buenos Aires itself. I organised four India Cup golf tournaments in Jockey Club ( the most prestigious club of Argentina in which I was a member ) in November 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 as part of the Festivals of India.

Following are the courses I have played in Argentina

Buenos Aires

1. Jockey Club Argentino 8. Hindu Club 15. Mayling Club de Campo 22. Golf Club de José Jurado 29. Los Largartos 36. Everlinks Club de Golf
2. Martindale 9. CUBA (Club Universitario de Buenos Aires) 16. Club Argentino 23. San Diego 30. La Colina 37. Cardales Country Club
3. Las praderas de Luján 10. Pilar Golf Club 17. San Isidro 24. San Andrés 31. Newman 38. Cabeza de Caballo Golf
4. Club Atlético Lomas 11. Club Hebraica 18. Nordelta 25. Estudiantes de La Plata Golf Club 32. Pacheco Golf Club 39 Sierra de los padres golf club
5. Buenos Aires Golf Club 12. Estancia Pilar 19. Campo Municipal 26. General San Martin Golf Club 33. Abril Country Club 40 Orquedia Golf club
6. Hurlingham Club 13. Club Náutico 20. Los Pinguinos 27. San Eliseo Golf & Country Club 34. El Nacional Club de Campo  
7. Ranelagh Golf Club 14. Highland Park 21. Tortugas Country Club 28. Olivos Golf Club 35. Lobos Golf Club  


Other cities in Argentina

1. Llao Llao Golf Club Bariloche 7. Los acantilados, Mar del Plata 13. Amancay Golf Club, San Juan 19. Salta Polo Club 25. El Paso Golf Club, Santa Fe
2. Arelauquen Golf & Country Club 8. Potrerillos, Córdoba 14. Jockey Club, Tucumán 20. Tandil Golf Club  
3. Chapelco 9. La Cumbre Golf Club, Córdoba 15. Thermas Golf Club, Rosario de la Frontera 21. Valle de Tandil Golf Club  
4. Rosario Golf Club 10. Villa Allende, Córdoba 16. Rio Cuarto Golf Club 22. San Nicolás Golf Club  
5. Mar del Plata, Playa Grande 11. Cariló Golf Club 17. Club de Campos - Mendoza 23. Campo Timbó, Rosario  
6. San Luis Golf Club 12. Pinamar Golf Links 18. Salta Jockey Club 24. Kentucky Club de Campo, Rosario  



Asuncion Golf club, Yacht and Golf Club, Centenario club, Club de Carlos Franco



Punta Carrretas club, El Cerro - Montevideo

Cantegrill, Club del Lago, La Barra - Punta de Leste


Snow Golf

I played a snow golf tournament in Ushuaia on 14 August 2010

Snow Golf

More on this in my blog

Golf in Latin America

have played golf in many countries of Latin America and in almost all the golf courses in Brazil and Venezuela during my stay in 1996-2003. I got an albatross in a golf tournament at the Puerto la Cruz golf course in Venezuela.

- other countries where I have played includes Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic ( in the famous The teeth of the Dog and Dye Fore clubs), Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Panama, Bolivia ( Santa Cruz club), Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru and Cuba( Varadero)

Rest of the world

Japan, Sei Lanka, Thailand, USA, France, Switzerland, Mauritius ( I won the Gymkhana Club Championship in 1988) and Libya ( where I learnt golf)

I have played in about 90 golf course in New York, New Jersey and the east coast of USA during my posting in Newyork 1993-96.


Delhi Golf Club is my home course. This Golf course is unique in many respects. There are peacocks in the fairways. It is an incredible sight to see the the males opening up the full featherscreen of colours to attract the females and dance in rainy season. There are over a dozen kinds of birds darting between trees and shouting with joy or making mating calls. There are a few four legged animals and legless ones ( snakes ) too in the thick growth of bushes on both sides of the fairways. Inside the golf course there are monuments from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In India I have played in Bangalore(Eagleton, KGA, Clover Green and Bangalore Golf club ), Calcutta ( RCGC and Tollygange), Chennai ( Cosmos and Guindy, Mumbai( US club, Royal Palm, Wellingdon), Pune (Pune club, Oxford and Aamby Valley), Ooty golf course, Kodaikanal golf course, Trichy ( 12 hole army course.. ) Naldera course near Shimla, Ahmedabad (army course), Coimbatore golf course, Hyderabad( Bholaram course), Trivandrum golf course, Jodhpur ( airforce course), Srinagar ( Royal Spring Course) and Pahalgam golf course, .


with Roberto de Vicenzo from Argentina, who won the 1967 British open and had won six PGA championships.
He was the  first latin american to win a major golf tournament - 24 July 2010



With Andres Romero and Eduardo Romero in Pilar Golf Club, Buenos Aires - 7 December 2009

- -


With El Gato and El Pato at Villa Allende Golf Club, Córdoba - 15 April 2009



peacoks in Delhi Golf Club



below - at the Varadero Golf course in Cuba in 2005. undulating course on the sea side with lot of water hazards.

below- New York Centennial Club with Minister Rao Inderjit Singh and Rajan in 2005.

above- Golf at Santiago Golf Club in Chile in March 2006


below- at the Lima golf course with Ambassador Warjiri in July 2006



at the Country Club in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on 15 Feb 2007

at the Teeth of the Dog golf course in La Romana in Dominican republic, where I played in 2005. six of the courses are jutting into the sea like dog's teeth.


I played on 17 feb 2007 at the Dye Fore Golf course in La Romana in Dominican Republic with IT Minister Eddy Martinez and Tito


the four golf courses of casa de campo in Dominican Republic - foto taken from the plane

the par four thirteenth hole of the Constance Spring Golf Course in Kingston jamaica, where I played on 18 Feb 2007

below- at the Santa cruz country club in Bolivia with Arvind Sharma in 2006